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JLPT N3 Grammar: 反面 (hanmen)

反面 (hanmen)

Meaning: but on the other hand, but on the other side

How to use the:
Verb-casual, non-past + 反面
Noun + である反面
なadj + な/である反面
いadj + 反面
Phrase 1 + その反面 + Phrase 2

Showing the opposite sides of a certain event

Example sentences:
1, 彼は目上に対しては腰が低い反面、目下に対してはいばっている。
Kare wa meue ni taishite wa koshigahikui hanmen, meshita ni taishite wa ibatte iru.
He was very humble to his superiors, but to his subordinates it was very cocky

2, フェースブックは便利な反面、トラブルも多い。
feesubukku wa benri na hanmen, toraburu mo ooi.
Facebook can be useful, but on the other hand it also causes many trouble.

3, 妹はがんこ者である反面、涙もろい性格だ。
Imōto wa gan ko-shadearu hanmen, namida moroi seikakuda.
My sister is very stubborn but she also quickly tears

4, この薬はよく効く反面、副作用も強い。
Kono kusuri wa yoku kiku hanmen, fukusayō mo tsuyoi.
This medicine is very effective, but the side effects are also strong

5, ノートパソコンは手軽である反面、壊れやすい。
nooto pasokon wa tegaru de aru hanmen, kowareyasui.
Laptops are cheap but on the other hand, they can be easily broken.