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JLPT N1 Grammar: をおして (o oshite)

をおして (o oshite)

Meaning: although

Used in cases where it is shown that it is impossible to know, it is unreasonable, but the following action shall still be taken.

Example sentences:
1, 危険をおして冒険に出た。
Kiken o oshite bōken ni deta.
Although I knew it was dangerous, I still took part in adventure

2, コーチの反対をおして怪我をしているのに試合に出た。
Kōchi no hantai o oshite kega o shite iru no ni shiai ni deta.
Even though the coach objected because of an injury, I still on the pitch played

3, 私の妹は両親の反対を押して結婚した。
Watashi no imōto wa ryōshin no hantai o oshite kekkon shita.
Although parents against, my sister still get married.