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JLPT N3 Grammar: にしろ (ni shiro)

にしろ (ni shiro)

Meaning: Although …; even if; regardless

How to use the: V・A・Na・N + にしろ

Expression of conditions that are contradictory: Although..but still
Used to bring up a contradictory event which is not commensurate with a previously assumed condition.

Example sentences:
1, 失敗するにしろやるだけのことはやる。
Shippai suru ni shiro yaru dake no koto wa yaru.
Even if there is a failure, still do it

2, どちらの案を採用するにしろ、メンバーには十分な説明をする必要がある。
Dochira no an o saiyō suru ni shiro, menbā ni wa jūbun’na setsumei o suruhitsuyōgāru.
Whichever scheme you choose, it is necessary to explain fully to the members

3, 古い家を買うにしろ、借金しなければならない。
Furui ie o kau ni shiro, shakkin shinakereba naranai.
Even if you buy an old house, you have to borrow money.

4, 忙しいにしろ、食事をしないのはよくない。
Isogashī ni shiro, shokuji o shinai no wa yokunai.
Although busy, skipping meals is not good.

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