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JLPT N1 Grammar: ばそれまでだ (ba sore made da)

ばそれまでだ (ba sore made da)

Meaning: if… then it’s over (nothing will be of use)
(If something occurs, then a bad end is reached.)

How to use the: Verb-ばconditional + それまでだ

There is no other suitable way, to do so, it can’t be helped
Demonstrate determination of the speaker
If …. happened, it all became meaningless

Example sentences:
1, 親があくまで反対するなら、家を出るばそれまでだ。
Oya ga akumade hantai surunara, iewoderuba sore made da.
If my parents kept protesting, I could only leave home

2, いくらお金をためでも、死んでしまえばそれまでだ。
Ikura okane o tame demo, shinde shimaeba sore made da.
Even if you try to make a lot of money, dying is meaningless

3, いくら性能がよい機械でも使いこなせなければそれまでだ。
Ikura seinō ga yoi kikai demo tsukaikonasenakereba sore madeda.
Machines with great features, if not used well, are useless.

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