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JLPT N1 Grammar: も同然だ (mo douzen da)

も同然だ (mo douzen da)

Meaning: just like; same as~

How to use the:
Verb (た / ない) + も + 同然 + だ/の
Noun+ (も) + 同然 + だ/の

That is, although the truth is not, it is almost like that. Expressive, subjective.

Example sentences:
1, 実の娘同然に大切に育ててくれた。
Mi no musume-douzen ni taisetsu ni sodatete kureta.
I was raised to be as careful as a real daughter

2, このみじめなくらしは奴隷同然だ。
Kono mijimena kurashi wa dorei-douzen da.
This miserable life is like a slave.

3, この車は中古車といっても新品も同然だ。
Kono kuruma wa chūko-sha to itte mo shinpin mo douzen da.
Although this is a used car, it is almost as good as a new one.

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