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JLPT N1 Grammar: ものやら (mono yara)

ものやら (mono yara)

Meaning: I wonder..; unsure; don’t know

How to use the:
Verb + ものやら
な-adjective + な + ものやら
い-adjective + い + ものやら

Describe event that the speaker himself doesn’t know.

Example sentences:
1, 帰国した留学生は今何をしているものやら。
Kikoku shita ryūgakusei wa imanani o shite iru mono yara.
What are overseas student who do after returning home do not know?

2, スーパーへ行くと言って出かけたきり帰ったこない。どこへ行ったものやら。
Sūpā e iku to itte dekaketa kiri kaetta konai. Doko e itta mono yara.
Said go to the supermarket and forever without seeing home. Where did go?

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