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JLPT N1 Grammar: もそこそこに (mo sokosoko ni)

もそこそこに (mo sokosoko ni)

Meaning: do …. hurry

How to use the: N・Vの + もそこそこに

Describe the job do through the speakers, roughly because there is not enough time.

Example sentences:
1, 化粧もそこそこに、会社に行った。
Keshō mo sokosoko ni, kaisha ni itta.
I put on makeup hurry and then the company.

2, 彼女は仕事もそこそこに、いそいそ会社を出た。
Kanojo wa shigoto mo sokosoko ni, isoiso kaisha o deta.
She worked in a hurry and eagerly left the company.

3, アンさんは好きなコーヒーを飲むもそこそこに立ち去った。
An-san wa sukina kōhī o nomu mo sokosoko ni tachisatta.
An hurriedly drank his favorite cup of coffee and quickly stood up to leave.

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