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JLPT N2 Grammar: 一方だ (ippou da)

一方だ (ippou da)

Meaning: more and more; continue to

How to use the: Verb-dictionary form + 一方だ

Describe that trend more and more

Example sentences:
1, 事態は悪くなる一方だ。
Jitai wa waruku naru ippou da.
The situation is getting worse

2, 仕事は忙しくなる一方で、このままだといつかは倒れてしないそうだ。
Shigoto wa isogashiku naru ippou de, konomamada to itsuka wa taorete shinai sōda.
The work is getting more and more busy, if this situation lasts maybe I’ll someday collapse

3, 最近、円は値上がりする一方だ。
Saikin, en wa neagari suru ippou da.
Recently, the yen has been growing

4, みじめなことを考え始めたら、みじめになる一方だろう。
mijime na koto o kangaehajimetara, mijime ni naru ippou darou.
If we think miserable thoughts, we will be miserable.

Use with verbs to show the change

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