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JLPT N2 Grammar: にこたえる (ni kotaeru)

にこたえる (ni kotaeru)

Meaning: in response to; respond ….

How to use the: Noun + にこたえる

Describe the response to the expectations, suggestions of / about ….

Example sentences:
1, 多くのワァンの声援にこたえる完璧なプルーをなしとげた。
Ōku no fan no seien ni kotaeru kanpekina pūru o nashitogeta.
He perfectly performed in response to the cheers from the audience

2, 多数の学生の要望にこたえまして、日曜日も図書館を開館することにしました。
Tasū no gakusei no yōbō ni kotaemashite, nichiyōbi mo toshokan o kaikan suru koto ni shimashita.
In response to the requests of many students, we decided to open the library on Sunday.

3, その選手は両親の期待にこたえてみごとに完走した。
Sono senshu wa ryōshin no kitai ni kotaete migoto ni kansō shita.
The athlete completed a spectacular run, meeting the expectation of parents

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