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Learn N3 Kanji Unit 27: 販, 機, 増, 減, 量

Learn N3 Kanji Unit 27: 販, 機, 増, 減, 量


Meaning : marketing, sell, trade

Onyomi : はん
Kunyomi :

Common words using this Kanji:
販路 (はんろ): market (for goods, services, etc.); outlet (for selling); opening
自販 (じはん): automobile sales
市販 (しはん): selling on the market (in the marketplace, in stores, etc.)
販売 (はんばい): sales, selling, marketing
再販 (さいはん): resale
通販 (つうはん): mail order; online shopping; e-commerce​
販促 (はんそく): sales promotion​
物販 (ぶっぱん): sale of goods (as opposed to services)

自動販売機(じどうはんばいき):vending machine​


Meaning : loom, mechanism, machine, airplane, opportunity, potency, efficacy, occasion

Onyomi : き
Kunyomi :

Common words using this Kanji
機会 (きかい):chance; opportunity​
機械 (きかい):machine; mechanism​
機能 (きのう): function; facility; faculty; feature
機関 (きかん): engine
動機 (どうき): motive; incentive

飛行機(ひこうき):aeroplane; airplane; aircraft​
機 (はた): loom


Meaning : increase, add, augment, gain, promote

Onyomi : ぞう
Kunyomi : ふ-える, ふ-やす

Common words using this Kanji
増大 (ぞうだい): enlargement; increase
増進 (ぞうしん): promoting; increase; advance
増強 (ぞうきょう): reinforcement; augmentation; strengthening; increase; buildup
増税 (ぞうぜい): tax increase
増量 (ぞうりょう): increased volume or quantity

増える(ふえる):to increase; to multiply​
増やす(ふやす):to increase; to add to; to augment​
増加(ぞうか):increase; rise; growth; addition; increment​


Meaning : decrease, reduce, decline, curtail, get hungry

Onyomi : げん
Kunyomi : へ-る, へ-らす

Common words using this Kanji:
加減 【かげん):degree; extent; amount; balance; state; condition
減少(げんしょう):decrease; reduction; decline
減量 (げんりょう): loss in weight (esp. body weight); weight reduction
削減 (さくげん): cut; reduction; curtailment
減税 (げんぜい): tax reduction
半減 (はんげん): reduction by half; halving
減退 (げんたい): decline; ebb; failure; decay; decrease; loss

減る(へる):to decrease (in size or number); to diminish; to abate
減らす(へらす):to abate; to decrease; to diminish; to shorten​


Meaning : quantity, measure, weight, amount, consider, estimate, surmise

Onyomi : りょう
Kunyomi :

Common words using this Kanji:
測量 (そくりょう): measurement; surveying
分量 (ぶんりょう): amount; quantity
容量 (ようりょう): capacity; volume
大量 (たいりょう): large quantity; massive (quantity)
音量 (おんりょう): volume (sound)
計量 (けいりょう): measuring; weighing
量産 (りょうさん): mass production

量(りょう):quantity; amount; volume; portion (of food)​
増量(ぞうりょう):increased volume or quantity​
数量(すうりょう):quantity; volume​
減量(げんりょう):loss in quantity; reducing quantity; reducing doses