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JLPT N2 Grammar: わりに (wari ni)

わりに (wari ni)

Meaning: for; despite; although;in comparison; Compared to …, relatively …

How to use the:
Verb-casual + わりに
いadj + わりに
なadj + なわりに
Noun + のわりに

Use with the meaning of “if compared to predicted, common sense is” …., when things are not up to the norm, with both good and bad intentions.

Example sentences:
1, あのレストランは値段のわりにおいしい料理を出す。
Ano resutoran wa nedan no wari ni oishī ryōri o dasu.
That restaurant serves good food compared to the price

2, このいすは値段が高いわりには、座りにくい。
Kono isu wa nedan ga takai warini wa, suwari nikui.
Although this chair is expensive, it is difficult to sit on.

3, あの人は細いわりに力がある。
Ano hito wa hosoi wari ni chikara ga aru.
Compared to his skinny body, he is quite strong

Often not used in grave sentences

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