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JLPT N1 Grammar: のみならず (nomi narazu)

のみならず (nomi narazu)

Meaning: not only; besides; as well as~

How to use the:
Verb-dictionary form + のみならず
Noun + のみならず
いadj + のみならず
なadj + であるのみならず

Used to express the meaning when receiving the problem presented earlier, not only that but …. further suggestions also a similar thing happened.

Example sentences:
1, 若い人のみならず老人や子供たちにも人気がある。
Wakai hito nomi narazu rōjin ya kodomo-tachi ni mo ninki ga aru.
It is popular not only with young people but also with old people and children.

2, 戦火で家を焼かれたのみならず、家族も失った。
Senka de ie o yaka reta nomi narazu, kazoku mo ushinatta.
Due to the war, not only the houses were destroyed, but the whole family was also lost

4, 彼女は聡明であるのみならず容姿端麗でもある。
Kanojo wa sōmeidearu nomi narazu yōshi tanreide mo aru.
She is not only smart, but also beautiful.