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JLPT N1 Grammar: こととて (kototote)

こととて (kototote)

Meaning: because; since

How to use the:
Verb-casual + こととて
Noun/なadj + のこととて

With the form [A こ と と て B] it means that because of A, becoming B is of course no other way.
It also meant something like that but …

Example sentences:
1, 子供のやったこととて、大目に見てはいただけませんか。
Kodomo no yatta kototote, ōme ni mite wa itadakemasen ka.
Because it is a wrong thing for children, hope he will generously forgive.

2, 急なこととて、なにもご用意できなくて…
kyuu na kototote, nanimo goyoui dekinakute.
Because it was so sudden, I couldn’t prepare anything…

3, 慣れぬことって、失礼をいたしました。
Narenu koto tte, shitsurei o itashimashita.
Because I did not know this job, it was troublesome for him

4, 知らぬこととて、ご迷惑をおかけして申し訳ございません。
Shiranu kototote, gomeiwaku o okake shite mōshiwakegozaimasen.
Honestly sorry, because I didn’t know it, I bothered you.

5, 何も知らぬこととて、失礼をいたしました。
nanimo shiranu kototote, shitsurei o itashimashita.
I did such a rude thing because I didn’t know anything.