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JLPT N1 Grammar: たらんとする (ta ran to suru)

たらんとする (ta ran to suru)

Meaning: want to become, worthy of ~

How to use the: Noun + たらんとする

Meaning to do something with the goal or something that will fit the goal.

Example sentences:
1, 彼女が仕事を辞めたのは、よい母たらんとする意見の表れとも言える。
Kanojo ga shigoto o yameta no wa, yoi hahata ran to suru iken no araware-tomo ieru.
It can be said that she quit her job as an expression of her opinion as a good mother.

2, リーダーたらんとする者が、そんな弱気でどうするだ。
Rīdāta ran to suru mono ga, son’na yowaki de do usu ruda.
People who want to become a leader but with a weak temper like this, how to do it.

3, このような悪い経済状況の時こそ、優良企業たらんとする強い意見が必要だ。
Kono yōna warui keizai jōkyō no toki koso, yūryō kigyōta ran to suru tsuyoi iken ga hitsuyōda.
In such a bad economic situation, we need a strong opinion to be a good company.

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