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JLPT N1 Grammar: とばかりに (to bakari ni)

とばかりに (to bakari ni)

Meaning: as if; as though

How to use the: Phrase + とばかりに

Can not be given in words but will take action, attitude to speak up
Use when speaking about the state of others, not for the speaker’s own.

Example sentences:
1, 相手チームの調子が崩れた。彼らはこのときばかりに攻め込んだ。
Aite chīmu no chōshi ga kuzureta. Karera wa kono toki bakari ni semekonda.
The opposing party started playing boredom. The players on this side started attacking as if to say that the opportunity was now.

2, 彼は出て行けとばかりに、ドアを開けた。
kare wa dete ike to bakari ni, doa o aketa.
He opened the door as if to tell me to get out.

3, 「えいっ」とばかり切りつけた。
`Ei ~tsu’ to bakari kiritsuketa.
I tried my best to cut.

4, 彼は驚いて、こんな事は承知できないとばかりに身をこわばらせた。
kare wa odoroite, konna koto wa shouchi dekinai to bakari ni mi o kowabaraseta.
He froze in an attitude of stunned disapproval.

5, 今がチャンスとばかりに攻めかかった。
Ima ga chansu to bakari ni seme kakatta.
They began to attack as if they thought that was the opportunity.

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