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JLPT N1 Grammar: といい~といい (to ii~to ii)

といい~といい (to ii~to ii)

Meaning: and; or

How to use the: Noun 1 + といい + Noun 2 + といい

N1 is also, N2 is also (about something, taking some examples to say that the evaluation is from any point of view)
Often used to assess the good or bad of a problem

Example sentences:
1, 娘といい、息子といい、遊んでばかりで、全然勉強しようとしない。
Musume to ii, musuko to ii, asonde bakari de, zenzen benkyō shiyou to shinai.
Girls are the same, boys are the same, my kids just playful and refuse to study.

2, これは、質といい、柄といい、申し分のない着物です。
Kore wa,-shitsu to ii,-gara to ii, mōshibun’nonai kimonodesu.
This is an impeccable kimono, both in quality and texture.

3, ここは、気候といい、景色といい、休暇を過ごすには、最高の場所だ。
Koko wa, kikō to ii, keshiki to ii, kyūka o sugosu ni wa, saikō no bashoda.
It’s a great place to spend a holiday, nice weather and good scenery.

4, 彼は、表情といい、声といい、まことに近寄りがたい感じだった。
kare wa, hyoujou to ii, koe to ii, makoto ni chikayorigatai kanji datta.
He was quite peremptory, both in look and voice.

This sample sentences is similar to the sample sentences「AにしろBにしろ」 of N2