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JLPT N1 Grammar: はさておき (wa sateoki)

はさておき (wa sateoki)

Meaning: setting aside

How to use the: Noun + はさておき

Temporarily not thinking, setting aside the problem
Describe what is important to do first, temporarily put other things aside.

Example sentences:
1, 留学の問題はさておき、今の彼には健康を取り戻すことが第一だ。
Ryūgaku no mondai wa sateoki, ima no kare ni wa kenkō o torimodosu koto ga daiichida.
Temporarily not thinking about studying abroad, the most important thing now is to restore his health.

2, 責任が誰にあるのかはさておき、今は今後の対策を考えるべきだ。
Sekinin ga dare ni aru no ka wa sateoki, ima wa kongo no taisaku o kangaerubekida.
Temporarily not mentioning who the responsibility belongs to, The thing to do now is to find a solution.

3, 実現できるかどうかはさておき、まずは新商品のアイデアをみんなで出してみよう。
jitsugen dekiru ka dou ka wa sateoki, mazu wa shinshouhin no aidea o minna de dashite miyou.
Let’s not worry about whether we can do it or not and focus on coming up with ideas for our new products.