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JLPT N1 Grammar: とみるや (to miru ya)

とみるや (to miru ya)

Meaning: at the sight of; upon seeing

How to use the: Verb-casual + とみるや

With the form [Aとみるや] expressing the meaning [if evaluating A then instant B], the action after evaluation takes place quickly.

Example sentences:
1, 母が家を出たとみるや、ゲームをかした。
Haha ga ie o deta to miru ya, gēmu o kashita.
My mother had just left the house then I played the game

2, いたずらをしていた生徒たちは、教師が来たとみるやいっせいに逃げ出した。
itazura o shite ita seitotachi wa, kyoushi ga kita to miru ya issei ni nigedashita.
The mischievous students ran away at the sight of their teacher.

3, 母は隣のスーパーの安いとみるや、すぐに飛んでいった。
Haha wa tonari no sūpā no yasui to miru ya, sugu ni tonde itta.
Mom said super is near house the cheap, I immediately go now

4, マイの意見に賛成ほうがいいとみるや、彼女はすぐに意見を変えた。
Mai no iken ni sansei hō ga ī to miru ya, kanojo wa sugu ni iken o kaeta.
As soon as she agreed with My opinion, she immediately changed her opinion.

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