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JLPT N5 Grammar : ましょうか (mashouka)

ましょうか (mashouka)

Meaning: shall I ~; used to offer help to the listener

Describe permission to help others

Example sentences:
1, 重いですね。待ちましょうか?
Omoidesu ne. Machi mashouka?
Heavy, let me bring it for you ?

2, にもつをもちましょうか。
nimotsu o mochi mashouka?
Shall I help carry your luggage?

3, てつだいましょうか。
tetsudai mashouka?
Do you want some help?

4, 疲れました、ちょっと休みましょうか?
Tsukaremashita, chotto yasumi mashouka?
So tired, do you want to take a break?

Use the common sentence pattern to invite the listener to do something together.