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JLPT N1 Grammar: によらず (ni yorazu)

によらず (ni yorazu)

Meaning: regardless of

How to use the: Noun + によらず

The form of using that sentence pattern is a noun or a sentence that includes questionable adverbs.
When associated with nouns or noun sentences without questionable adverbs, they will show the meaning that they do not depend on the way ….. or not the method of …
The case with the noun attached to the question adverb いつ/だれ/どこ/どの will have a meaning unrelated to … but all …

Example sentences:
1, 古いしきたりによらず、新しい簡素なやり方で式を行いたい。
Furui shikitari ni yorazu, atarashī kansona yarikata de shiki o okonaitai.
I want to perform the ritual not in the old tradition, but in a new and simple way

2, 彼は見かけによらず頑固な男だ。
Kare wa mikake ni yorazu gankona otokoda.
Contrary to his appearance, he’s a stubborn man.

3, 何事によらず、周囲を怠らないことが肝心だ。
Nanigoto ni yorazu, shūi o okotaranai koto ga kanjinda.
In any case, it is crucial not to be caught off guard

4, 職種によらず、賃金によらず、仕事があれば何でもやります。
shokushu ni yorazu, chinkin ni yorazu, shigoto ga areba nandemo yarimasu.
I’ll take any kind of job regardless of the pay.