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JLPT N3 Grammar: さえ ~ ば (sae ~ ba)

さえ ~ ば (sae ~ ba)

Meaning: if only ~ then; as long as; the only thing ~ need is; even

How to use the:
Noun + さえ + Verb-ばform
Verb-ますstem + さえすれば
Verb-てform + さえいれば

Use this sentence pattern to emphasize the previous word with just, even, even meanings

Example sentences:
1, あなたさえそばにいてくだされば、ほかには何もいりません。
Anata sae soba ni ite kudasareba, hoka ni wa nani mo irimasen.
As long as you are by my side, Besides there is no need

2, 従業員同士が協力しさえすれば業績は大きく上がるはずだ。
juugyouin doushi ga kyouryoku shi sae sureba gyouseki wa ookiku agaru hazu da.
If our employees would cooperate, we could produce so much more.

3, 子供が元気でさえあれば、新はうれしかった。
Kodomo ga genkide sae areba,-shin wa ureshikatta.
As long as the children are healthy then parents they very happy

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