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JLPT N1 Grammar: ないまでも (nai made mo)

ないまでも (nai made mo)

Meaning: even if something isn’t done

How to use the:
Verb-ないform + までも
Noun + でないまでも

Used in the case to indicate that although A is not capable of doing, at least or at least has to do the job B (the / the B is a subset of the / A) but although not, not as A but at least most are achieved as B (B means smaller than A).

Example sentences:
1, 毎日とは言わないまでも、週に2,3度は掃除をしようと思う。
Mainichi to wa iwanai made mo, shū ni 2, 3-do wa sōji o shiyou to omou.
It’s not as much as everyday, but I also plan to clean it 2 or 3 times a week

2, 全額でないまでも、せめて利子ぐらいは払ってくれ。
zengaku denai made mo, semete rishi gurai wa haratte kure.
Even if you can’t pay the full amount, at least pay the interest.

3, 絶対とは言えないまでも、成功する確率はかなり高いと思います。
Zettai to wa ienai made mo, seikō suru kakuritsu wa kanari takai to omoimasu.
Dare not to say absolute, but the probability of success is quite high.

4, 見舞いにこないまでも電話ぐらいはするものだ。
mimai ni konai made mo denwa gurai wa suru mono da.
Even if you can’t visit him, at least give him a call.

5, 予習はしないまでも、せめて授業には出て来なさい。
Yoshū wa shinai made mo, semete jugyō ni wa dete ki nasai.
There is no need to prepare the lesson first but at least listen to the lecture.