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JLPT N2 Grammar: ものか (mono ka)

ものか (mono ka)

Meaning: as if

How to use the: Verb-dictionary form + ものか/もんか

How to say exclamation: Is there something else? Is there such an absurd thing?
Often used in spoken words and converted into もんか Or transformed into ものだろうか

Example sentences:
1, そんなことがあるんもんか。
Son’na koto ga aru n mon ka.
There is no such thing?

2, 誘われたって、誰が行くものか。
Sasowareta tte, dare ga iku mono ka.
Despite being invited, will nobody goes anywhere either

3, あんな人に、頼むもんか。
An’na hito ni, tanomu mon ka.
I won’t ask people like that

4, そんなもの必要なもんか。
Son’na mo no hitsuyōna mon ka.
Who needs such things