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JLPT N5 Grammar: ので (node)

ので (node)

Meaning: because of; the reason is that; given that

How to use the:
Verb + ので
Noun + なので
いadj + ので
なadj + なので

Describing the objective reason, naturally, of course lead to such.
When using 「の で」, you will show a soft and soft way of speaking, so you will not use the back part of the sentence in command or forbidden form.

Example sentences:
1, 雨が降りそうなので試合は中止します。
Ame ga ori-sōnanode shiai wa chūshi shimasu.
Because it was about to rain, the match would reschedule

2, もう遅いのでこれで失礼いたします。
Mō osoinode kore de shitsurei itashimasu.
Because it was late, I asked to leave first

3, 風邪をひいたので会社を休みました。
Kaze o hītanode kaisha o yasumimashita.
Because of a cold, I quit work

4, 雨が降っていたので、出て行くこともできなかった。
ame ga futte ita node, dete iku koto mo dekinakatta.
I could not go away because of the rain.

Distinguishing between 「の で」 and 「か ら」
「の で」 Used to give an objective reason
「か ら」 Used to describe the subjective reason