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JLPT N1 Grammar: いかん (ikan)

いかん (ikan)

Meaning: depends on

Use in the case of the expression indicated by, as a result of this, the next action.

Example sentences:
1, これが成功するかどうかはみんなの努力いかんだ。
Kore ga seikō suru ka dō ka wa min’na no doryoku ikanda.
Whether this is successful or not depends on everyone’s efforts.

2, 成功は努力いかんによる。
Seikō wa doryoku ikan ni yoru.
Success depends on your efforts.

3, あの人いかんで予算は何とでもなる。
Ano hito ikan de yosan wa nani to demo naru.
Depending on the person, the amount of the budget can be as much as possible