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JLPT N1 Grammar: ばこそ (ba koso)

ばこそ (ba koso)

Meaning: only because

How to use the:
Verb-ばconditional + こそ
いadj (-い) + ければこそ
Noun/なadj + であればこそ

This is a somewhat old way of saying that there is no other way to emphasize reason with meaning
Often at the end of the sentence there appears the phrase のだ

Example sentences:
1, すぐれた教師であればこそ、学生からあれほど慕われるのです。
Sugureta kyōshideareba koso, gakusei kara are hodo shitawa reru nodesu.
It was because he was an excellent teacher that he was respected by the students like that.

2, あなたを信頼していればこそ、お願いするのですよ。
Anata o shinrai shite ireba koso, onegai suru nodesu yo.
Because of trusting you, I asked.

3, 優勝できたのは、チーム全員の協力あればこそだ。
yuushou dekita nowa chiimu zen’in no kyouryoku areba koso da.
We could only win because of our teamwork.

4, 家族を愛すればこそ、自分が犠牲になることなどはおそれない。
Kazoku o aisureba koso, jibun ga gisei ni naru koto nado wa osorenai.
Because I love my family, I’m not afraid to sacrifice myself.

5, 子供のためを思えばこそ、費用は子ども自身に用意させたのです。
kodomo no tame o omoeba koso, hiyou wa kodomo jishin ni youi saseta no desu.
I made my children pay for their own expenses because I think it’s good for them.

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