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JLPT N3 Grammar: つもりで (tsumori de)

つもりで (tsumori de)

Meaning: with the intention of doing

How to use the:
Verb-casual, past + つもりで
Verb-dictionary form + つもりで
なadjective + なつもりで
Noun + つもりで

This sentence pattern is used to describe an action that will be done or an intention but is not certain or has not been formally decided. This plan had been thought up until now, not the spontaneous intention, that occurred in the middle of speaking.

Example sentences:
1, 彼女は彼と結婚するつもりでずっと待っていた
Kanojo wa kare to kekkon suru tsumori de zutto matteita
She waited patiently, intending to marry him

2, 今回の試合には絶対負けないつもりで練習に励んで来た。
Konkai no shiai ni wa zettai makenai tsumori de renshū ni hagende kita.
I tried to train with the determination not to lose in this match

3, 旅行に行ったつもりでお金をためている。
ryokou ni itta tsumori de okane o tamete iru.
I’m saving money to go on a trip.

4, わたしは美大に進学するつもりでこの学園に入った。
watashi wa bidai ni shingaku suru tsumori de kono gakuen ni haitta.
I enrolled here, hoping to pass the exams to an arts college.