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JLPT N1 Grammar: そばから (soba kara)

そばから (soba kara)

Meaning: as soon as

How to use the:
Verb-dictionary form + そばから
Verb-casual, past + そばから

Just do something, then immediately
Describe the same thing repeated

Example sentences:
1, 聞いたそばから忘れてしまう。
Kiita soba kara wasureteshimau.
After hearing that, I forgot it

2, 片付けるそばから子供がおもちゃを散らかす。
katazukeru soba kara kodomo ga omocha o chirakasu.
The kids always scatter the toys around as soon as I clean it up.

3, 読んだそばから抜けていって何も覚えていない。
Yonda soba kara nukete itte nani mo oboeteinai.
I can’t remember anything because I missed it.

4, 祖父は、パソコンの使い方を教えても、教えるそばから忘れてしまう。
sofu wa, pasokon no tsukaikata o oshiete mo, oshieru soba kara wasurete shimau.
My grandfather forgets how to use a computer as soon as I teach him.

Also pairing with the form Vた thể means what you have just done