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JLPT N1 Grammar: にたえない (ni taenai)

にたえない (ni taenai)

Meaning: Unbearable; can’t do

How to use the:
Verb-dictionary form + にたえない
Noun + にたえない

Used in cases where only the speaker is unable to tolerate something, or does not know how to suffice.

Example sentences:
1, 幼い子供が朝から晩まで通りで物乞いをしている姿は見るに耐えない。
Osanai kodomo ga asa kara ban made tōri de monogoi o shite iru sugata wa miru ni taenai.
It was unbearable to see children begging on the street from morning to night

2, 近頃の週刊誌は暴露記事が多く、読むにたえない。
Chikagoro no shūkanshi wa bakuro kiji ga ōku, yomu ni taenai.
This week’s week is full of reports exposing secrets, privacy, .. unbearable reading

3, その映画は面白くないから、見るにたえない。
sono eiga wa omoshirokunai kara, miru ni taenai.
That movie is boring so I can’t watch it.

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