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Minna No Nihongo Lesson 46 Grammar

Minna no Nihongo grammar lesson 46 we will learn more new meanings of [と こ ろ] and important grammar points attached.

1. ところです
[ところ] means root, is the location, in addition to indicating time. In this lesson we will learn the second meaning. This sentence is used to indicate and emphasize how the present moment is positioned in the course of an action or event.

Verb form verb + ところです
Meaning: to prepare (to make ~), to prepare (to make ~)
Used to describe the meaning of an action that is about to take place, which is about to take place and to emphasize the moment before the action takes place. This sentence pattern is often accompanied by points of time, such as [これから] and [(ちょうど)いまから] Example:
meeting has started already?

No, about to start.

Just when I was about to drink tea. Drink with me!

ひるごはんはもう たべましたか
Have you had lunch?

No, I’m going to eat now

The verb form て いるところです
Meaning: to be (doing ~), while (doing ~)
Used to describe the action taking place at a certain time, emphasizing at the time the action is happening (stronger than V ています). This sentence pattern is usually accompanied by the adverb of the time [いま]

Do you know the cause of the failure?

いいえ、いま しらべて いるところです
No, I am watching it now

The verb form た ところです
Meaning: just finished (doing ~)
Used to describe an action that has just ended in and emphasized at the moment right after the action is completed.
This sentence only goes with the adverb of the time [たったいま]

Buses 8 hours have gone already?

Yes, just gone
Do not use if the subject is not a creature
Do not use with verbs that indicate the result status such as: けっこんしている、しっている,…

2. The verb form た + ばかりです
Meaning: new / new (made ~)
Used to describe an action that has just been completed, has just finished, but has not been very long
The time that happened not long ago was entirely due to the subjective judgment of the speaker (may be recent or it may have been long ago).
For example:
やまださんとやまもとさんは 3げつまえにけっこんしたばかりです
Yamada and Yamamoto got married 3 months ago

I bought this camera yesterday

3. + はずです
Verb form verb + はずです
verb ない + はずです
adjective tailed い(~い) + はずです
Adjective tailed な (~な) + はずです
noun の + はずです
Meaning: Definitely
Usage: The speaker is based on a certain basis, the judgment is certain that something will happen
Did Mr. Miller come today?

Sure he will come. Yesterday I received his call