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Minna No Nihongo Lesson 24 Grammar

Minna No Nihongo Lesson 24 Grammar

1. くれます
Meaning: giving, giving like [あげます] How to use :
[あげます] shows who the speaker gives to someone else.
[くれます] shows what someone gives, to the speaker, or to the family member of the speaker.
For example:
は さとうさんに はなを あげました。
I gave flowers to sister Sato

さとうさんは わたしに クリスマスカードを くれました。
Sato gave me a Christmas card.

さとうさんは いもうと に おかしを くれました。
Sato gave candy to my sister.

2. The verb form て + あげます
Meaning: to do ~ for whom
How to use:
Someone who does other things with the meaning of goodwill, kindness, friendliness.
The subject is the one who performs the action.
For example:
I showed you the way.

I have lent yuki the Japanese book Yuki.

I have read the letter to grandmother

3. The verb form て + もらいます
Meaning: to receive (what) from whom; What could someone do for me?
How to use:
Indicate the gratitude of the person who receives help
Subject is the recipient
For example:
わたしはたなかさんに にほんごをおしえてもらいました。
I was Tanaka taught Japanese

I received a cake from you

4. The verb form て + くれます
Meaning: who makes what
How to use :
Used when expressing appreciation for someone who receives help like [~てもらいます] In the sample [~てもらいます], the subject is the recipient
In the sample [~てくれます], the subject is the one who performs the action
The recipient is usually the speaker so [わたしに] is often omitted
For example :
I was loaned umbrellas by Yuki

Yuki lent me an umbrella

かないは (わたしに)こどものしゃしんを おくってくれました。
My wife sends pictures of my children (to me)

かとうさんは(わたしに)しゅくだいを だしてくれました。
Kato’s friend submitted the assignment (help me)

Who are you teaching Japanese for?

I was taught by Itonaga

5. The noun (person) が verb
Usage: is used when adding a new information and in this case the subject must be accompanied by the adverb [が] For example :
すてきな ネクタイですね。
Nice tie!

Yes, Sato gave it to me

6. Question words が verbs
Usage: For all the interrogative sentences that the word interrogation serves as the subject, [が] must be used to indicate
For example :
Who is going to help?

Karina will go.

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