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JLPT N2 Grammar: ことか (koto ka)

ことか (koto ka)

Meaning: how…!; what…!; emphasis;

How to use the: Phrase + ことか

ことか (koto ka) is used to place strong emphasis on something.

Example sentences:
1, つまらない話を3時間も聞かされる身にもなってください。どれほど退屈なことか。
Tsumaranai hanashi o 3-jikan mo kikasa reru mi ni mo natte kudasai. Dorehodo taikutsuna koto ka.
He tried to put himself in the situation to sit and listen for 3 hours to nothing. How uncomfortable he would be

2, とうとう成功した。この日を何年待っていたことか。
Tōtō seikō shita. Kono Ni~Tsu o nan-nen matte ita koto ka.
Finally succeeded. How many years have you been waiting for this day?

3, それを直接本人に伝えてやってください。どんなに喜ぶことか。
Sore o chokusetsu hon’nin ni tsutaete yatte kudasai. Don’nani yorokobu koto ka.
You report it to her directly. I wonder how excited she will be.

4, 家の近くに地下鉄が通って、どんなに便利なことか。
ie no chikaku ni chikatetsu ga tootte, donna ni benri na koto ka.
How convenient it is to have a subway station near your house!

Often used with question words 何、なんと、とんなに、どれだけ。

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