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JLPT N2 Grammar: わけです (wake desu)

わけです (wake desu)

Meaning: That’s why; which mean; Of course; that is; finally; it is …

How to use the: Sentence + わけです

Used in the case of expressing the will to say such a thing is natural for a reason.
Use the case when you want to say that of course there will be results like that by following the order, direction, truth, situation.

Example sentences:
1, イギリスとは時差が8時間あるから、日本が11時ならイギリスは3時なわけです。
Igirisu to wa jisa ga 8-jikan arukara, Nihon ga 11-jinara Igirisu wa 3-jina wakedesu.
Because Japan has 8 hours difference with the UK, if in Japan it is 11h then in the UK is 3h

2, 彼女は日本で3年間働いていたので、日本の事情にかなり詳しいわけである。
Kanojo wa Nihon de 3-nenkan hataraite itanode, Nihon no jijō ni kanari kuwashī wakedearu.
She has been working in Japan for three years, so she is quite familiar with the situation in Japan.

Before or after わけだ, there is usually a term to indicate the reason, cause or sequence