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JLPT N5 Kanji: 休 (kyuu)

JLPT N5 Kanji: (kyuu)

Meaning: Rest; day off

How to Read:
Onyomi: キュウ (kyuu)

Kunyomi: やす(む) yasu(mu)

How to write 休:

Common Words Using 休:
定休 (ていきゅう) : regular holiday, fixed day off, regular closing day
公休 (こうきゅう) : legal holiday
無休 (むきゅう) : without a holiday
休校 (きゅうこう) : closing school
休業 (きゅうぎょう) : closed (e.g. store)
連休 (れんきゅう) : consecutive holidays

休日 (きゅうじつ) : holiday
休止 (きゅうし) : pause, rest, break
休み (やすみ) : rest, break, holiday, vacation
休む (やすむ) : to rest, to take time off
休学 (きゅうがく) : absent from school, school absence, leave of absence
冬休み (ふゆやすみ) : winter holiday, winter break, winter vacation
夏休み (なつやすみ) : summer holiday, summer break, summer vacation
休める (やすめる) : to rest, to suspend, to give relief
夏休み (なつやすみ) : summer vacation