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JLPT N1 Grammar: かいもなく (kai mo naku)

かいもなく (kai mo naku)

Meaning: even though

How to use the:
Verb-casual, past + かいもなく
Noun + のかいもなく

Demonstrating meaning even though effort, effort will not produce the results as expected, expected.

Example sentences:
1, 努力のかいもなく、失敗した。
Doryoku no kai mo naku, shippaishita.
Despite the effort, it failed

2, 手術のかいもなく、ガンが移転してしまった。
shujutsu no kai mo naku, gan ga iten shite shimatta.
Even though I had an operation, the cancer spread to another place.

3, 応援したかいもなく、うちの高校は負けてしまった。
Ōen shita kai mo naku, uchi no kōkō wa makete shimatta.
Although already cheering, the high school students still lost

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