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JLPT N2 Adverbs List

JLPT N2 Adverbs List

まるで : quite, entirely, as if, as though

わざと : on purpose

一切 (いっさい) : all, everything, the whole

ようやく : finally, at last

いつの間にか (いつのまにか) : before one knows it

一応 (いちおう) : roughly, somewhat, once, tentatively, just in case

ひょっとする : perhaps, maybe, possibly

既に (すでに) : already, too late

何とか (なんとか) : something or other, so-and-so

必死に (ひっしに) : frantically, desperately

早速 (さっそく) : at once, immediately

そのまま : without change, as it is

めったに : rarely, seldom (used with verbs in negative form)

万一 (まんいち) : by some chance

改めて (あらためて) : another time, again, over again

中でも (なかでも) : among (other things)

近々 (ちかぢか) : soon, before long

はるかに : far off, in the distance, long ago

案外 (あんがい) : unexpectedly

自ら (みずから) : for one’s self, personally

よほど : very, greatly

当分 (とうぶん) : for the present, currently

ちっとも : not at all (used with verbs in negative form)

めっきり : remarkably

まさに : exactly, surely, certainly

思い切って (おもいきって) resolutely, boldly, daringly

しきりに : frequently, repeatedly, often

かえって : on the contrary, rather, instead

あらかじめ : beforehand, in advance, previously

ぐっと : suddenly, at once, in one go

たちまち : at once, in a moment, suddenly

今に : before long, even now

わずか : only, merely

実に (じつに) : indeed, really, absolutely

ぼんやり : dimly, faintly, vaguely

一段と (いちだんと) : more, much more

決まって (きまって) : always, without fail, usually

ひとまず : for the present, once, in outline

次第に (しだいに) : gradually

せっせと : diligently, industriously

必ずしも (かならずしも) : (not) always, (not) necessarily, (not) entirely

じっくり : deliberately, carefully

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