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N2 Vocabulary – Unit 13

N2 Vocabulary – Unit 13
All Japanese Vocabulary for JLPT N2. JLPT N2 Vocabulary List.
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No. Kanji Hiragana Meaning
1091 さっぱり neat, tidy; plain, lightly seasoned; completely
1092 すっかり refreshed; strightforward, neat
1093 実に じつに actually; really
1094 思い切り おもいきり to one’s heart’s content, to the best of one’s ability
1095 何となく なんとなく somehow
1096 なんだか なんだか somehow, sort of
1097 どうにか somehow (manage to); (do) something
1098 どうにも nothing to do
1099 何とか なんとか somehow (manage to); somehow or other; so-and-so
1100 何とも たんとも (think) nothing of ; not at all; beyond (expression)
1101 わざと on purpose, intentionally
1102 わざわざ take the trouble (to do); expressly
1103 せっかく come all the way to; long-awaited; kindly
1104 あいにく unfortunately
1105 案の定 あんのじょう as expected
1106 いよいよ at last; more and more; when the time comes
1107 さすが as might be expected; even, ~ as one is
1108 とにかく anyway, anyhow
1109 ともかく anyway,; setting ~ aside
1110 せめて at least
1111 せいぜい at most
1112 どうせ anyhow, in any case
1113 ぎっしり closely, tightly
1114 ずらりと in a row
1115 あっさり simple; lightly seasoned; readily, with good grace
1116 しんと/しいんと quiet, silent
1117 ちゃんと neatly; carefully, perfectly
1118 ぞくぞく ぞくぞく one after another
1119 どっと burst (into laughter); all at once
1120 ばったり (fall) with a thud; run into; suddenly
1121 さっさと quickly
1122 さっと quickly, suddenly
1123 すっと straight; (feel) refreshed
1124 せっせと hard, diligently
1125 ざっと roughly, briefly; approximately
1126 こっそり secretly
1127 生き生きと いきいき(と) lively, vividly
1128 ぼんやり(と) dimly; vaguely; absent-mindedly
1129 ふと suddenly, by chance
1130 じかに directly; at first hand
1131 一度に いちどに at once, at the same time
1132 一斉に いっせいに all together, at once
1133 共に ともに with, together; along with
1134 相互に そうごに mutually; each other
1135 一人一人 ひとりひとり individually, one by one
1136 いちいち everything, one by one, in detail
1137 所々 ところどころ here and there
1138 どうか please; (go) wrong
1139 できれば/ できたら if possible, if one can
1140 たいして (not) very, (not) particulary
1141 恐らく おそらく probably, perhaps
1142 むしろ rather, preferably
1143 果たして はたして really, acutally; just as one expected
1144 かえって on the contrary, rather
1145 必ずしも かならずしも not always, not necessarily
1146 単に たんに only, simply
1147 いまだに (not) yet; still
1148 ついでに on one’s way to ~; at one’s convenience
1149 とりあえず first of all, for the time being
1150 万一/万が一 まんいち/まんがいち by any chance; an emergency
1151 偶然 ぐうぜん by chance, accidental
1152 たまたま by chance, accidental
1153 実際に じっさい(に) actually; really
1154 同様 どうよう the same
1155 元々 もともと by nature, originally
1156 本来 ほんらい originally, primarily
1157 ある a, some,a certain
1158 あらゆる all, every
1159 たいした not ~ much; huge, fantastic
1160 いわゆる what is called, so-called