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Download テーマ別 中級から学ぶ日本語 ワークブック<改訂版> PDF + CD

テーマ別 中級から学ぶ日本語 ワークブック<改訂版>
Chukyu Kara Manabu Nihongo Workbook


■ A well-established Japanese textbook for intermediate students
The series of “Learning Japanese from the Theme” Intermediate is intended to bridge the transition from beginner to intermediate and advanced, so that people who go to universities and vocational schools in Japan to study and research, Created for people engaged in work in the relationship of, has been well received.

Along with the revision of the text, the workbook has also been updated, and at the same time the vocabulary and grammatical items are replaced with inappropriate ones. The composition consisting of speed reading and listening comprehension is the same as the previous version.
(If possible, you should buy original books at bookstores.)

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