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JLPT N1 Grammar: とあれば (to areba)

とあれば (to areba)

Meaning: if; if it is the case that

How to use the:
Noun + とあれば
なadj + とあれば

Use quite a lot with “If / then everything” will / dare do. ”

Example sentences:
1, 両親が来るとあれば、部屋をきれいにしなければなりません。
Ryōshin ga kuru to areba, heya o kirei ni shinakereba narimasen.
If parents come, they must clean the house

2, 望みとあれば来るがよかろう。
nozomi to areba kuru ga yokarou.
You can come if you want.

3, 家族の幸せのためとあれば、どんな苦労をしてもいいです。
Kazoku no shiawase no tame to areba, don’na kurō o shite mo īdesu.
If it was for the happiness of the family, then I would do it everywhere

4, 彼は、お金のためとあれば、どんな仕事でも引き受ける。
kare wa, okane no tame to areba, donna shigoto demo hikiukeru.
He’ll do any kind of job for money.

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