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JLPT N3 Grammar: べき (beki)

べき (beki)

Meaning: must, should, ought to

How to use the: Verb-dictionary form + べき/べきだ

The speaker said before an event, doing / not doing is natural

Example sentences:
1, この仕事はきみがやるべきだ。
Kono shigoto wa kimi ga yarubekida.
This job you should accept

2, どのようにして対処すべきだろうか?
dono you ni shite taisho subeki darou ka.
What should we do about it?

3, 会社の電話で私用の電話をするべきじゃないね。
Kaisha no denwa de watashi-yō no denwa o surubeki janai ne.
Do not use company phones for private conversations

4, 抗議者たちは家に帰り、普段の生活に戻るべきだ。
kougishatachi wa ie ni kaeri, fudan no seikatsu ni modoru beki da.
The protesters need to go home and let normal life resume.

The verb す る turns into す べ き

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