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JLPT N3 Grammar: はもとより (wa moto yori)

はもとより (wa moto yori)

Meaning: also; let alone

How to use the: Noun + はもとより/はもちろん + Noun

Offer things that are natural to express the meaning “not only that but also more important or lighter things”.

Example sentences:
1, 寿司はもとより、すき焼きも彼は食べられない
Sushi wa moto yori, sukiyaki mo kare wa tabe rarenai
Speaking of sushi, even the sukiyaki hot pot he can’t eat either.

2, この映画は、ロンドンはもとより全世界で大評判を呼んだ。
kono eiga wa, rondon wa moto yori zensekai de oohyouban o yonda.
This movie was a sensation in London and around the world.

3, 胃はもとより肺もやられているのが検査でわかった。
I wa moto yori hai mo yara rete iru no ga kensa de wakatta.
Through examination, I learned that not only the stomach but also the lung was damaged

4, この製品は国内はもとより、海外でも高い評価を得ている。
kono seihin wa kokunai wa moto yori, kaigai demo takai hyouka o ete iru.
This product receives positive domestic and international reviews.

Used in a solemn style of writing