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JLPT N3 Grammar: つい (tsui)

 つい (tsui)

Meaning: Carelessly; by mistake; by accident

Using expressive meanings means that will not be able to do it but you miss it because you cannot control yourself.
Often used with the phrase 「Vてしまう」

Example sentences:
1, 今日は試験があったつい遅くなってしまった。
Kyō wa shiken ga atta tsui osoku natte shimatta.
There was a test today but I missed to late

2, タバコをやめたはずだが、目の前にあると、つい手が出る
Tabakowoyameta hazudaga,-me no mae ni aru to, tsui te ga deru
I already quit smoking but when had the medicine in front of me, I wanted to smoke it

3, そのケーキの妹ですから、私につい食べました。
Sono kēki no imōtodesukara, watashi ni tsui tabemashita.
My sister’s cake, but I was accidentally ate it