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JLPT N3 Grammar: てはじめて (te hajimete)

てはじめて (te hajimete)

Meaning: not until; only after… did I

How to use the: Verb-てform + はじめて

Used to express in the case that: After actually doing something (which has not been done before), it becomes a different state.

Example sentences:
1, 働くに入ってはじめて彼と知り合いになった。
Hataraku ni haitte hajimete kare to shiriai ni natta.
Only after working did I get to know him.

2, 幾度も見てはじめてその映画のよさが分かる
Ikudo mo mite hajimete sono eiga no yo-sa ga wakaru
See many times to know how good the movie is

3, じぶんのこどもができてはじめて、おとなになったきがした。
jibun no kodomo ga dekite hajimete, otona ni natta ki ga shita.
I did not feel like I had become an adult until I had my own child.

4, 外国は何回も書いてはじめて上手になるのだ。
Gaikoku wa nankai mo kaite hajimete jōzu ni naru noda.
Learning foreign languages must write a lot to be

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