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JLPT N2 Grammar: にかけては (ni kakete wa)

にかけては (ni kakete wa)

Meaning: when it comes to~

How to use the: noun + にかけては

Used to appreciate someone’s capacity or ability. Following is usually a review.

Example sentences:
1, 料理にかけては、彼は名人だ
Ryōri ni kakete wa, kare wa meijinda
When it comes to cooking, he is a master

2, 先生はその仕事にかけては老練な人だ。
Sensei wa sono shigoto ni kakete wa rōren’na hitoda.
If you talk about that job then the teacher is an expert

3, 物価が高いにかけてはその部民ほど高い所はない。
Bukka ga takai ni kakete wa sono bemin hodo takai tokoro wanai.
If you talk about high prices, there’s no place as high as that city

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