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JLPT N3 Grammar: にちがいない (ni chigainai)

にちがいない (ni chigainai)

Meaning: certainly; there is no doubt that ~.

Use in affirmative statements about a fact

Example sentences:
1, あそこにかかっている絵はすばらしい。値段も高いにちがいない。
Asoko ni kakatte iru e wa subarashī. Nedan mo takai ni chigainai.
The picture over there is great. Surely the price is also expensive

2, 学生のゆううつそうな様子からすると、試験は難しかったにちがいない。
Gakusei no yūutsu-sōna yōsu kara suru to, shiken wa muzukashikatta ni chigainai.
Considering the melancholy appearance of students, guessing, the test must be very difficult

3, あの人の幸せそうな顔をごらんなさい。きっと知らなかったにちがいない。
Ano hito no shiawase-sōna kao o goran nasai. Kitto shiranakatta ni chigainai.
Just look at the happy appearance of that person. Must have received the good news