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JLPT N2 Grammar: にあたる (ni ataru)

にあたる (ni ataru)

Meaning: Corresponds to; coincide with; in; at ….

How to use the: Noun +にあたる

Used when expressing a corresponding thing / thing, similar to, identical to or equivalent to another object / incident.
Use express seriously a particular situation, occasion, time

Example sentences:
1, 1キロは1000メートルに当たる。
1-Kiro wa 1000 mētoru ni ataru.
1km is equivalent to 1000 meters.

2, 今年のクリスマスは日曜日にあたる。
Kotoshi no kurisumasu wa nichiyōbi ni ataru.
Christmas falls on Sunday this year.

3, 他人を指さづのは失礼にあたる。
Tanin o sasa dzuno wa shitsurei ni ataru.
Pointing at others is rude

Often used in the case of definitions and explanations.