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Minna No Nihongo Lesson 28 Grammar

Minna No Nihongo Lesson 28 Grammar

1. The verb 1 な が ら the verb 2
Meaning: Do what you have to do
Usage: Indicates a certain subject doing two actions at the same time in a given period
For example :
I ate while listening to music

I just went to work and go to school

2. verb form て + います
How to use :
Indicate a habit or routine
If it is a habit in the past, use [いました] For example :
I jog every morning

3. Normal form し ,~
How to use :
Match clauses or sentences that share the same opinion. For example, when talking about many advantages of a subject, we use this sentence pattern
For example :
Mr. Watt is both enthusiastic, serious and experienced
When you want to list on the 2 causes and reasons, use this sentence pattern:
For example :
Near the station, it is possible to travel by car, this store is very convenient

Unlike the sentence pattern [から], this sentence pattern has meaning as well as many other reasons
For example :
Because of your beauty (and other reasons), I buy these shoes

4. それに
Meaning: Further
Usage: add a situation or something to the situation or something said earlier
For example :
Why did you choose Sakura University?

Because this is the school that my father studied, there are many good teachers and more near my home

5. それで
Meaning: Therefore
「そ れ で」 is the noun used to connect the preceding part to talk about something, and the second part that follows the cause or reason.
For example :
This restaurant mortar delicious cheap

That’s why there are so many customers