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Minna No Nihongo Lesson 15 Grammar

Minna No Nihongo Lesson 15 Grammar

Lesson 15 strengthens the knowledge of the verb form て, while simultaneously learning new useful constructs.

1. The verb form て + もいいです
Meaning: Doing ~ okay
Usage: Tell someone that they are allowed to do something
For example:
しゃしん を とって も いい です。
You can take pictures

たばこ を すって も いい です か。
Can i smoke

2. The verb form て + は いけません
Meaning: Don’t do it ~
Usage: Tell someone that they are not allowed to do something
The word [は] is read as [わ]

For example :
ここ で たばこ を すって は いけません
You are not allowed to smoke here

If a question is answered in the following example:
For example :
せんせい 、ここ で あそんで も いい です か?
Sir, can we play here?


No, you are not allowed

3. The verb form て + います
Usage: To talk about the situation (the result of an action) that remains, continues to the present
For example :
I’m got married

I know Mr. Tanaka

I live in Osaka

I have a camera

4. The verb form て + います
How to use :
Used to talk about habits and habits (repeated actions over a long period of time)
Used to ask about one’s occupation or situation
Used to answer the question [おしごとはなんですか]

For example :
IMC はコンプーターをつくっています。
IMC Company produces computers

There are movies at the supermarket

Mr. Miller works at IMC

My younger sister goes to college

5. 知(し)りません
Meaning: Unknown
Usage: The negative form of [しっています] là [しりません]

For example :
Do you know the phone number for the county administrative office?

Yes I know

I do not know

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