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JLPT N2 Grammar: あげく (ageku)

あげく (ageku)

Meaning: to end up; in the end; finally; after all

How to use the:
Verb (casual, past) + あげく(に)
Noun + の + あげく(に)

Describe the situation that happened earlier, last for a certain time and finally come to a decision to deploy, resolve …

Example sentences:
1, さんざん悩んだあげく、彼には手紙で謝ることにした。
Sanzan nayanda ageku, kare ni wa tegami de ayamaru koto ni shita.
Thinking forever, I finally decided mail to apologize to him.

2, 考えに考えたあげく、この家を売ることに決めた
Kangae ni kangaeta ageku, kono-ka o uru koto ni kimeta
Thinking about it, I finally decided to sell this house

3, 弟は6年も大学に行って遊びほうけたあげくに、就職したくないと言い出した。
Otōto wa 6-nen mo daigaku ni itte asobi hōketa ageku ni, shūshoku shitakunai to iidashita.
After going to college for six years, finally my younger brother said he didn’t want to get a job.

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