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JLPT N4 Kanji: 有 (yuu)

JLPT N4 Kanji: (yuu)

Meaning: Have; possess; exist

How to Read:
Onyomi: ユウ (yuu)、 ウ ( u)

Kunyomi: もあ(る) a(ru)

How to write 有:

Common Words Using 有:
有 (ゆう) : existence, possession, having, limited company

有名 (ゆうめい) : famous

有効 (ゆうこう) : valid; effective

有能 (ゆうのう) : able; capable; competent

有利 (ゆうり) : advantageous; favorable

有料 (ゆうりょう) : fee-charging; paid; not free

公有 (こうゆう) : public ownership, public domain

有無 (うむ) : existence or nonexistence, presence or absence, consent or refusal, yes or no

有る (ある) : to be, to exist, to live, to have

有難い (ありがたい) : grateful; thankful; welcome; appreciated

有らゆる (あらゆる) : all; every